An Introduction to My Hypertension


It was just a routine physical exam for a new life insurance policy,

but I can still remember the puzzled look on Dr. Rod’s face as he said, “Don … You have hypertension, high blood pressure.”

Don Penven Headshot

Don Penven, CEO
Brandywine Research

“Say what?” I belted back. “Good God man, I’m just 30-years old!”

 That event, dear friends was over 40 years ago, and it was the commencement of a lifelong dependency of drugs. Yes, medical science had advanced far enough way back then and the causes of hypertension were well understood. In fact, most of the medical sources I rely on today still mostly cite the same causes of high blood pressure (HBP)—and these same sources offer the same basic treatments.

 There are two ways to look at treating HBP:

  • Begin taking a regimen of prescription drugs through a trial and error process until the right drug cocktail begins to cause ones’ blood pressure to return to a somewhat normal condition, or
  • Begin making certain lifestyle changes that end up producing the same results as the drug-taking, and are a whole lot better method to follow.

Unfortunately I chose the first option since none of medical providers over 4 decades suggested that HBP can be treated with natural methods.

 My goal with this website is to assist as many folks like you as I am able to reach with the information needed to discover that good health doesn’t have to come from a little brown bottle with an adult-proof cap. 

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